Asthetic + Functionality

One of the reoccurring topics in our design review meetings is the balance between aesthetics and functionality.  We enjoy our open discussions and somewhat philosophical narratives as we share strong opinions on the topic at hand.

Whilst we know functionality is paramount in our DNA, to design aesthetically pleasing products is forever a driving force in the development of all AGVA Basics tech accessories. At AGVA Basics we believe that, “If you focus on the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality of the products, the connections that you create with the consumer at the brand level will result in a more sustainable relationship.”

To create the most appealing, most valuable product, we believe the end user must enjoy a seamless experience. In basic terms, an effective design makes all features easy to digest and use. AGVA Basics products have an intuitive sense of use, from advanced lock systems through to zip placements, our feature rich products are design smart to support fast and busy lives.

Featuring Neo Range

The Neo Range is made up of slim compact laptop sleeves designed to fit the most recent generations of laptops perfectly. Neoprene sleeves help to protect your notebook from dust, shock, scrapes and scratches. Available in three sizes: 11″, 13” and 15.6″. The double zip feature helps for easy access, and the stone grain protective PU is the ultimate addition in protecting your prized possessions. The development of the highly protective PU was developed to be visually seamless as it contours the body of the sleeve base and sides, yet highly functional offering extra peace of mind protecting all valuables against accidental knocks.

Agva Innovation

At AGVA Basics we are forever problem solving and coming up with innovative solutions to many of today’s modern day demands.

One of the areas that we feel very passionate about is customer protection and security. Every day 400,000 pick pocket incidents occur worldwide. The reality of international travel is that slash and run thieves and professional pickpockets are extremely common in many popular tourist destinations.

The AGVA Basics multipurpose security backpack is designed to keep all openings as close to the body as possible. The anti-theft feature means all valuables are at the forefront of the user’s mind, close to the body and out of harms way. The best way to deter pickpockets is to ensure that they can’t get into your bag easily. AGVA Basics anti-theft bags also have special clips which allow you to secure the zipper pullers of the bags. This makes it hard for even the most experienced pickpocket to get into your bag without you being aware.

These concept bags also come with added features such as the trolley strap, water resistant material and integrated USB Charger along with the RFID safe protection. Ready to protect you through any of life’s journeys.