About us

After decades of experience servicing the private label world for many of the top global brands in the cut and sew sector, we decided to set foot on a new and exciting journey. The creation of the AGVA product range was derived from our desire to take great knowledge / experience and combine it with a passion for self-expression and an appreciation for user experience. AGVA is about supporting the GO-GETTERS. Those who want to see the world and reach new and exciting heights, for those with such aspirations we endearingly refer to them as the GO-GETTERS.  AGVA ranges a wide collection of tech accessories built with materials, textures, and finishing that all function as well as they look.

The background in private label manufacturing offered great insights into the thinking of many top global brands. After servicing the visions of many other brands, we naturally began to see gaps and overlooked development and design opportunities, at which we began to formulate a tailored vision offering greater thinking into the lives of the consumers. We asked endless questions as we explored the needs and wants of our consumers, and in the end developed products that blend style with our love of technology.

AGVA understands the lives of professionals and we believe that today’s working men and women are complex / dynamic, forever chasing a sense of balance, along with self-expression and discovery. We are excited for your journey and for what lies ahead and ready to join you for the ride.